Your Daily Cup in Yorkville

May 30, 2017

The best cafes in Yorkville offer something for everyone, whatever your flavour. Here are a few of our favourites:


Zaza Espresso was opened with a vision to bring the relaxing spirit of an authentic Italian cafe to Toronto. Zaza serves many IItalian treats such as cake, biscotti, cookies, and gelato, as well as your favourite espresso based drinks and aperitivi to "cleanse the palate."


True to its name, this Italian-inspired cafe focuses on the five elements of espresso; blending, grinding, machines, barista skills and equipment maintenance. 5 Elements offers a variety of matcha and grab-and-go snacks that include an impressive health centric food menu with a variety of items to accommodate food sensitivities.


Goldstruck is acclaimed for its freshly roasted coffee and inventive ways of brewing. This cafe bakes their pastries fresh daily, however, the main draw is their variety of drinks including a cayenne latte. Goldstuck has garnered acclaim for their Spirit espresso machine, prized for the unparalleled quality it produces.  This subterranean space also poses a relaxing environment if you want to sit back from the hustle and bustle of yorkville.   


Located at Bay and Bloor, this is the 3rd cafe opened by Hale Coffee. Hale’s guiding philosophy has always been quality over quantity.  Their coffee servings are much smaller than Starbuck’s as a way to reduce the dilution caused by the excess use of milk. A little bit of everything is served here including sandwiches, salads, a wide range of baked goods, and the kicker is that a lot of it is locally sourced.


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