Step Outside of Toronto for These Great Activities

October 11, 2017

Fall is here, which means its time to hit the road and head out of the city to get the most out of this time of the year. From seeing the leaves change colours, to experiencing the harvest season, this should help you elevate your fall routine.

Visit a Fall Farm FestivalSpringridge Farm is the ultimate place in Milton to make fall memories that last a lifetime. With activities for all ages, homemade seasonal baking and Farmer John’s famous pumpkin crop, you’ll want to show the whole world how much you’re having at Springridge. The fall festival here incorporates all that is family fun, featuring a giant corn trail, wagon rides, and a spooky barn attraction. Be sure to come here with loved ones, as there’s something for everyone at Springridge.

Apple PickingWhat is fall without a picture of you and those you care about going apple picking? For that picture perfect apple picking experience, Chudleighs is the place to go. Featuring top of the line apples for picking, as well as some of the best homemade apple pies, and cakes. There’s a reason Chudleighs is the perfect place to lose yourself in nature and get close to where some of your favourite foods come from. Be sure to get the apple blossoms to experience the best dessert Chudleighs has to offer.

Take in the fall coloursIf you’re looking for the best way to take in the beauty of fall leaves, look no further than Rattlesnake Point. Located in Milton, Rattlesnake Point is more than just a beautiful view from the top of limestone cliffs. The area features four scenic hiking trails all ranging in length, with something for hikers of all experience levels. Stop at one of the 5 lookout spots on the trails to capture that perfect fall moment. For just a short drive from the city, get some fresh air and fully immerse yourself in the fall beauty. 

Cranberry HarvestExperience the fun of walking waist high in water surrounded by cranberries. Johnston’s Cranberry farm offers to a great array of activities to spend a weekend day with some loved ones. With wine tasting, trails, and a cranberry plunge, this picturesque area is perfect for taking in all of fall. The confusing farming process of cranberries will be explained, and you will have some memories (and wine) to bring home. This is a fall tradition and a one of a kind experience that is fun for all.

Hopefully with this guide you can elevate your next fall activity outside of the city. Be sure to check out these opportunities that are not too far away.

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