Salvador Dali x Yorkville Village

September 19, 2017

 Over the past week a new Salvador Dali exhibit has been on display in Yorkville village. The exhibit displays both Dali originals, and pieces inspired by the Spanish surrealist. Featuring dresses designed by Stewart Parvin, a former clothing designer for the Queen, as well as other designers all pulling elements and themes from Dali’s art. With pieces inspired by his famous “lips sofa” to his signature melting clocks, Dali’s influence, as well as his genius, is on display for all those in the Yorkville area. In this blog we will go over some of the best works from the display.

A Franco Moschino designed dress inspired by the artists’ famous moustache. Using faux hair to display an exaggerated moustache on top of a print of Dali’s face, this dress is one of a kind.

“Space Venus” depicts an egg inside a female torso and a melting clock as the head. The egg is said to signify birth and eternal life, while the melted clock on the neck demonstrates that everyone yields to time ultimately.

Another great piece is the Dali staple, the melting clock. This melting clock is portrayed on a tree and is said to be a self-portrait with the 9 on the clock being his moustache.

The biggest and most expensive piece is the Woman Aflame, one of Dalí’s more famous sculptures, and it is for sale for $2.5 million. It shows a faceless woman with her body made of drawers. It is prominently displayed outside of the main entrance of Yorkville Village.

Be sure to check out this exhibit, which is on until September 30th. With many Dali pieces as well as dresses by Vivia Ferragamo, and Betty Jackson, it is sure to be a hit amongst art lovers, and Yorkville Village visitors alike.

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