Defining the District

Establishing communities.

Alterra builds more than just condominiums. They build communities. Communities that thrive. Communities that change the way we live. Communities that change the way we say “home.” From the heart of downtown Toronto to locations across the GTA, Alterra builds intelligently designed, socially inclusive environments that inspire, invigorate and define every area they become a part of.

Recent Residential Projects

Alterra has been defining districts and fulfilling residents’ dreams for over 40 years. Here are just some of the completed communities by Alterra.

Commercial Projects

Alterra Group’s commercial portfolio is comprised of a variety of retail, office and commercial developments. It is this array of commercial developments that truly help define each and every district.

Our Story

Alterra builds intelligently designed, socially inclusive environments that define every area they become a part of.

Supported by exceptionally high standards of construction, Alterra masterfully crafts buildings that go on to craft neighbourhoods. Conceptualizing the history, architectural character, culture and personality of a location, Alterra works from the outside in, translating their findings into thriving communities.

The Alterra Difference

Alterra sees things from the outside in, because in order to define a district, they first need to understand it. By employing a select team of innovative designers and talented professionals, Alterra personally handles every element of their developments.


Mark Your Calendars!
December 16, 2016
Our top picks for what to do in Toronto over the next coming months:
159SW: A Biker's Paradise
November 30, 2016
Not many developers have cyclists in mind when investing in a new project, which is what makes 159SW so unique. Compared to 10 years ago, there has been a huge increase in cyclists across the city, something that was taken into consideration when designing 159SW.
November 16, 2016
Just a short distance away from 159SW is Cabbagetown. Once an unknown neighbourhood in Toronto, the small village is now a sought after enclave, filled with friendly neighbourhood pubs, shops, and cafes, and is bursting with character and history with restored Victorian homes.
159SW: Amenities. Amenities. Amenities.
November 04, 2016
At 159SW we are proud to offer not only the most breathtaking views of the city, but also three whole floors of amenities providing sophisticated and comfortable atmospheres going far above the typical gym or party room. Convenience of everyday life, right at home.
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